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Why We're Your Favorites in Conroe

We love being part of the Conroe community. Our goal at Perkins Preferred Roofing & Construction is to provide quality roofing and exterior services which exceed our customers’ expectations. We are a well-established roofing company in Conroe, Texas, and we hope you know that. Ask your neighbors—they’ll know who we are—and they are our best advertising.


The thing we regularly worry about is the fly-by-night operators that hire a couple of school kids to go around putting flyers in your mailbox saying “We’re in the neighborhood and we can fix your roof!” Why worry?

It’s because these folks usually have one pickup truck and a couple of “helpers” that don’t have a clue about proper roofing. And it’s going to end up costing you when the work starts to disintegrate a few days or weeks later when they’re nowhere to be found.

Our roots…

We started out as a husband and wife team whose sole goal was to do the job better; to do work we could be proud of; to provide actual value to our customers. There were too many folks “in the business” that really ought to have been doing something else. We hoped by growing we could overwhelm the “bad guys” and make sure homeowners got what they paid for!

Perkins Preferred Roofing & Construction now covers most of Texas with our super teams, all of whom have decades of experience. We service the areas surrounding Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Arkansas, Tomball, Montgomery, Atascocita, Kingwood, Katy, Sugarland, Pearland, San Antonio and, of course, Conroe.

In a lot of ways, we have succeeded, too! We are now one of the most favored roofing and construction companies in the state. People know they can trust us, so we feel much better about the state of the industry.


If you’ve had a tree fall, hailstorm, or even a terrible windstorm, you might want to call us for a free inspection of your roof. Sometimes what you see from the ground doesn’t tell the whole story, and climbing about on your roof can lead to further damage.


Everybody loves our teams of inspectors and our work crews. Folks recognize that our people are not there to see how big a bill they can create, but rather to get your life back on track by fixing only what needs to be fixed—and without emptying your bank account! If you have ever had a bad experience with a roofing company, call us because our watchword and your guarantee is “integrity.”


Once the inspection is done, we will carefully review our discoveries (if any) with you to let you know the condition of your roof. If there is work to be done, we will outline it clearly and then talk to you about options, budgeting, and your requirements.

If it is part of an insurance claim, we can guide you through that, too. It is not something most people have had to undertake before, and it can be complicated, so we’ll make sure you are crossing the “T”s and dotting the “I”s so that you get every penny that is coming to you from your insurer.


We truly value your business, and we can’t wait to work with you! Go ahead, pick up the phone and call our Conroe area experts at (832) 702-0201. Say “Howdy” and learn why Perkins Preferred Roofing & Construction is Conroe’s favorite roofing company!


We are called Perkins Preferred Roofing and Construction for a very good reason!


Call us today for a free inspection by our roofing experts in the Conroe area: (832) 702-0201.


You’ll find out what your Conroe neighbors already know!

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Perkins Preferred is proud to include a 25-year, no-leak warranty with all full roof replacements.