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Are you looking for a reliable roofing company in Kingwood? Look no more. Perkins Preferred Roofing and Construction can work with you on your roofing needs. We are a husband and wife team who has been in the roofing and construction industry for several decades.


We work with different kinds of residential roofing problems in the Kingwood area and we are excited to have you on board.


We know it can be difficult to find a roofing contractor who has the skills and expertise needed to do a good job. With us, you can be confident that we will work with you throughout the project.

Our services include roof insurance claims, roof replacements and repairs, and storm response. We can also do construction work when you need some home imfprovements. We are a full-service construction company, so you are assured that we know what we are doing.


Living in Texas means hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme weather disturbances can cause major damage on your roof. When these happen, it can be frustrating to file an insurance claim and go after it. We can help you go through the process of looking for a Kingwood roofer, and decide on the best strategy to pursue.


We can do the repairs and replacements on your roof for a reasonable price. We are proud of who we are and what we do. We make it our goal to bring honesty and dedication in the Texas roofing industry.

We have highly skilled inspectors and roofers who are ready to assist you and answer your questions.


When you choose us, we include a 25-year, no-leak warranty with all full roof replacements. We guarantee you won’t get this kind of deal anywhere else in Kingwood.


Ready to work with us?


Call us today for a quick consultation and free inspection by one of our roofing experts.


Contact Perkins Preferred Roofing and Construction today to get all your roofer Kingwood needs taken care of the first time. Call us today @ (832) 702-0201

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Associations & Memberships
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Perkins Preferred is proud to include a 25-year, no-leak warranty with all full roof replacements.