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Matthew began his career working with his father at his construction company where he learned the value of hard work and an appreciation for the tangible results that come with manual labor. Wanting to travel, Matthew used his background in construction to become an independent field adjuster traveling to various parts of the country that had been affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms.


Shannon spent six years as a junior high history teacher, drill team director, and cheerleading coach. Interacting with young teenagers and their parents for so many years taught Shannon the value of caring relationships, patience, and an appreciation for a great sense of humor. After seeing the exciting places Matthew was traveling to as an adjuster, Shannon resigned from teaching to spend a year traveling with Matthew as an adjuster as well.


Matthew and Shannon enjoyed their time as independent field adjusters, but soon became frustrated with the insurance claims process. It was upsetting to deny a homeowner’s rightful claim based on the opinion of someone in another state and decided they wanted to help customers get the compensation they deserved for damages to their homes.


Having a background in construction and adjusting, it was only natural that they start Perkins Preferred Roofing & Construction. They established the company with the goal to bring honesty and dedication to the Houston roofing industry, their customers, and their employees.

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