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Houston weather can take a toll on your roof, and overtime, your roof will need to be replaced. Perkins Preferred understands the value and sensitivity that people place on their single greatest investment—their homes! We realize that homes are a place where people relax, have fun, and raise their families! Because of this, Perkins Preferred uses only the best products available.

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Perkins Preferred Roofing Materials and Products

CertainTeed Winter Guard
Winterguard is a vapor barrier that wins the battle against water penetration in your roof’s most vulnerable places. We install this in the valleys, around the chimneys, and anywhere else where a high volume of water drains.
RhinoRoof is a synthetic roofing underlayment that lays flat and will remain 100% impervious to mold. It is 25 times stronger than typical 15 lb felt.
The Bullet Boot
The Bullet Boot is designed to aesthetically replace the old pipe boot that cracks or is chewed up by those pesky squirrels. They come pre-painted and look wonderful!
25 Year, No-Leak Warranty

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Customers ask us regularly if it is possible for us to waive their deductible. We understand why they do. It used to be completely legal and common practice! In the past, homeowners received one lump sum from their insurance company. It was entirely up to the homeowner whether they even made repairs to the home. Today, insurance claims work differently. Most homeowners have Replacement Cost Value (RCV) provisions that break down the full payment of their claim into multiple checks. In order for a homeowner to receive the full payment, they must use a contractor to bill the insurance company directly.

Here’s a scenario to help explain the process: The adjuster determines that to replace the roof it will cost $10,000. However, two things are subtracted from this $10,000, the deductible and any depreciation depending on the age of the roof. For the sake of round numbers, let’s say that the deductible is $2,000 and the depreciation is $3,000. This amount is subtracted from the $10,000 and thus, the insured is given a primary check for $5,000. In order for the homeowner to recoup the $3,000 in depreciation, a roofing contractor has to send the insurance company an invoice of at least $10,000. Once the insurance company receives this invoice, the homeowner will receive a secondary check for $3,000


This is where Perkins Preferred chooses not to compromise our ethics.


A homeowner’s insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the homeowner. The homeowner pays a premium in exchange for protection from catastrophic damages. If the insurance company fails to pay a claim for such damages, the homeowner can seek legal remedies for breach of contract. Likewise, your insurance company has legal protections if you fail to meet your obligations (i.e. you and your contractor provide false information so that the homeowner can save money on the deductible).


Often times a roofing contractor will cut a check back to the homeowner in exchange for putting a sign in the homeowner’s yard and call it “advertising.” Technically, this would require that a Form-1099 be issued to the homeowner since the IRS requires that all transactions greater than $600 be declared. The homeowner would then be required to pay taxes on this amount of money.


Most importantly, insurance companies use a program to determine the exact amount it costs to repair your home. This program determines the material and labor (even the number of nails!) that is needed for repairs and then prices this according to your current market area. If a roofing company offers to cover your deductible, they will use inferior products and cut corners to offset the loss!!!

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Perkins Preferred is proud to include a 25-year, no-leak warranty with all full roof replacements.