Tile/Metal roofing

Benefits of Tile/Metal roofing

Tile roofing is one of the oldest roofing methods in existence. Tile roofs can last hundreds of years, with proper maintenance. Tile roof replacement makes a lot of sense for a Naples-area homeowner if you expect to remain in your home for many years. The character, charm and beauty of undulating Spanish tiles, or the smooth simplicity of practical flat tiles (pantiles) adds culturally appropriate local flavor while still giving you economy, easy maintenance and long life. Tile for Texas roofs can be produced in ceramic, concrete, or modern blends of materials for strength, colorfast beauty, and amazing longevity.


Tile roofing is environmentally smart, but more:

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Not every Texas roofer installs tile roofing correctly. Perkins Preferred adheres to the most stringent building codes, using recommended practices as laid out in the Tile Roofing Institute’s Texas High Wind Concrete and Clay Tile Installation Manual. Proper installation for tile roof replacement begins with careful removal of the old roofing system. Perkins Preferred thoroughly inspects the existing sheathing, then covers your home’s sheathing with water-resistant membrane and leak-barrier. We top this with expert tile placement and attachment, using tile bond mortar and stainless steel screws. Your completed tile roof will withstand the worst weather Mother Nature throws at it. With regular maintenance and inspection, your beautiful Spanish tile or pantile roof will last for 30, 50, or even 100 years.
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Perkins Preferred is proud to include a 25-year, no-leak warranty with all full roof replacements.