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Perkins Preferred Roofing & Remodeling is an established roofing company in Tomball, Texas, and our goal is to provide quality roofing and exterior services which exceed our customers expectations.
Why We're Your Favorites in Tomball
Sometimes you just walk around your home and sigh when you see that crack beside the dining room door. When did it become so big? You could jam a dime in there! It was so much smaller the last time you looked at it.

“Is my house falling apart?” you ask yourself.


Probably not…


Houses settle over time, and little cracks appear in the paint around doorframes and windows because these are “interruptions” in the whole wall. The process is so slow and gradual that it doesn’t usually amount to any threat to the structure of your home. Often a coat of paint covers it up, and no harm is done.


Now, of course, if a large crack appears suddenly, it could mean a land subsidence has occurred, and you may have to do something about supporting the structure of your home. A few strategically placed house-jacks will usually solve that sort of problem, but it is a job for a professional who can set them properly. It is certainly worth consulting an expert about!

Dreary & Boring

We get used to the way things are, even if they are a bit dull. Sometimes it will suddenly hit us that the layout for the kitchen conflicts with how we use the room. Maybe it needs a center island—with a sink!—and with room for people to sit and eat a light meal.


Getting rid of the old wall-sink would give you additional counter space for food preparation. And wouldn’t it be nice if it were a long, uninterrupted slab of quartz or granite to work on? And then you could reface all the cabinets, and add under-cabinet lighting, and… Pretty soon it feels like a whole new house because the room “works” perfectly with how you use it.


Of course, the bathroom is no great gift to mankind either. No one has used that ancient bathtub in years except to stand in for a shower. If you got rid of that old eyesore and replaced it with a glass shower, you’d gain some floor space and significantly increase the value of your home.


And you know…there’s enough room in the foyer to add a two piece bathroom! It would save guests the inconvenience of going upstairs when they were visiting. And it would certainly add value if you were thinking of selling now, or even in the future.

Adding a Sun or Hobby Room? A Den?  

Not everyone wants to move. Estate homes are often passed down from one generation to the next. Adding elements specifically to suit your own needs is underrated! If you want a Trophy Room, you should have one!


Maybe everyone else is reading on tablets and e-readers, but if you want the feel of a real book in your hands, and know the value of real paper, bound edition, then you’ll want a library.

If you are Selling  

A new front door will enhance curb-appeal for buyers. Maybe it is time to replace your roofing material, especially with something modern and attractive that will catch a buyer’s eye. Some paint or external repairs, perhaps, like rehanging or even replacing the old eavestroughs, and touching up the trim?


Sure, internal renovations make your house feel great, and it certainly looks attractive (to you), but the outside needs to be attractive to get buyers inside so they can love it as you do! Replacing rickety old wooden steps with concrete and wrought iron, or attractive brickwork can enhance the appeal, too.

We’re Experts  

At Perkins Preferred Roofing & Construction, we know what goes into a house; how all the disparate parts work together; how they are wired; what is inside the walls; and how they are plumbed. It is not a job for amateurs.


You’re almost certainly familiar with our work in Tomball. Maybe you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting our wonderful crews yet—but you’ve probably seen our vehicles nearby, creating dream homes for your neighbors! You should talk to them, because they love us, our work, and their results—and our satisfied customers are our best salespeople!

We can do it!    
Whatever your project, we have the experience to do the job right the first time, on budget, and on schedule. If you want to refresh your look, or perk things up with some renovations, we can handle that for you.
Call the Pros

Of course, you know we’re the ones to call if you have roofing problems, but the most fundamental advantage here is that when the problem is more complex, such as interior damage because of leaks, you’ve already got a skilled team on site. You don’t need to negotiate with another subcontractor.


Arranging work with multiple contractors in different professions can lead to scheduling problems and conflicts, stretching out a job into weeks when it could have been mere days.


We sand, paint, and polish to perfection—and then leave a fastidiously clean worksite, including vacuuming—and don’t even leave a footprint. That is why our customers love us, and why you’ll love us, too.


We are called Perkins Preferred Roofing & Construction for a very good reason!


Call us today for a free consultation by one of our remodeling experts in the Tomball area:


Call (832) 702-0201 and you will find out what your Tomball neighbors already know!

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